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NorthEast Florida Rose Garden Association's Journal
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Monday, October 30th, 2006
6:03 pm
Greetings, Fellow NEFRGA's! I'd like to open this week's discussion with "Men in Drag." I enjoy men in drag, or at the very least, in some kind of makeup, or if nothing else, wearing a really good brand of eyeliner. The egyptians did it. Why can't we? When did we decide that decoration/definition/accentuation was strictly feminine? When the eyeliner pencils got chiseled into dainty points? If we stuck an eyeliner stalk at the end of a power tool, I'll bet more dudes would try it. Low voltage.

I think I was 16 when I first saw a Cure video - "The 13th," Robert Smith looking pasty and kind of - nasty - but he had REALLY REMARKABLE eye makeup and bright red lips, and I liked that. I was transfixed. Sitting in my grandmother's den, watching Smith croon at his own reflection in the mirror - it would take me a few years to figure out what exactly it was that I liked: that a man can look so ridiculous in makeup that it makes his own masculinity jut through like an adam's apple. Masculinity is such a strong, sometimes stinky thing. A manly cowboy superman man is like two DOSES of man and who the christ needs that? But a guy in a little bit of drag has a masculinity you have to look for - is he a boy under there? Oh look, it's christmas, it's a penis in a pretty package. Yay! Look, I don't expect you to understand.
2:25 pm
I hope no one minds that I used my picture as the default - I'm still looking for something online with roses in it, but I can't find anything.
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